Monday, November 30, 2015

Post 8: The Best Concert I've seen

What can I say? Every time someone asks me about the concerts I’ve seen, I can’t help remembering Robbie Williams’ concert in October 2006. It was held at Estadio Nacional. 
The funny thing is that I don’t know much about Robbie Williams…….well he’s British….and he was a member of a very famous boy band called ‘Take that’ during the 90’s. I wasn’t a ‘Take that’ fan then, but when Robbie Williams started to sing solo, I thought, ‘hey…., that sounds nice’. I’ve always liked pop music, so probably that’s why I began to enjoy Mr. Williams’ music. I went to his concert with a group of work mates and we had a blast. The guy was a real entertainer. He even had the lyrics of one of his songs displayed on a big screen, so that people, who didn’t know his songs, could sing along. That was thoughtful. But I didn’t need lyrics on a screen to sing along. My friend Consuelo and me had prepared a repertoire of songs we wanted to sing along with our beloved pop star, and so we did. We sang at the top of our lungs. That is a good memory, mostly because my friend Consuelo passed away in 2010 due to a severe cancer. Now, every time I hear on the radio a Robbie Williams’ song I remember my friend Consuelo and the good time we had that day.

What about you? Is there any concert or exhibition you can talk about?
- What was it?
- When did you go?
- Where was it?
- Why did you like it?
- Mention more details about it
- Publish a related picture or video

 - 180 words minimum
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Post 7: An Expert on your field

I can't say that I admire someone because I don't. What I feel is respect for certain people who have shown greatness. One of those people is my former university teacher mister Jorge Olivares. Little can I say about his life. I know he is married and has two children, a daughter and a son and that he retired recently. The reason I mention this particular teacher is because he has been an inspiration for my everyday teaching. Not only did he show me what a devoted teacher should be like but also he taught me that no matter how much a teacher knows, what really counts is how you pass that information to your students..........There is a countless number of people in this world who think about themselves as genius but who have never been able to pass their knowledge with real love and care...........
-Who she/he is (short biography)
-What she/he has done. (examples of their work)
-Why you like her/him.
-Include his/her image

Word Count: 170 words
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Post 6: My Favorite Movie

I don't really think that I have a favorite movie, but the one thing I’m absolutely sure of is that I like most of Harrison Ford’s movies and that’s because I like Harrison Ford.  So if I have to talk about one movie I’m going to choose one of his movies. This movie is called “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. The main character is, of course, Harrison Ford playing the part of Indiana Jones, an archeologist and university professor during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. It is a set of adventures which plot develops in the jungles of South America, the hinterlands of Tibet, the deserts of Egypt among other settings. This university professor goes on a quest to try to find the Ark of the Covenant. The problem is that the Nazis are also after this treasure. The reason is because of the widespread belief which says that the Ark has special powers, God’s power which guarantees success in any battle. Since the story develops during the time of the Second World War the Nazis are the main enemy…………


- What your favorite movie is
- Who acts in it. Mention him/her/them and describe the characters
- What the movie is about
- Where the story takes place
- What your favorite part is. Describe
- Why you like it. Explain
- Is there anything you would change in the movie? What? Why?

 Word Count 160
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Post 5: My Favorite Photograph

I’m not sure if this is a real photograph but if I have to pick an image this one is the one I like. I’ve got no idea who took or created it or when but beyond those details I think that the importance here is what it represents, “Planet Earth”, or being more colloquial “HOME”. That’s why I like it. It is a beautiful representation of our planet floating in the vast universe. This fact always keeps me thinking about the insignificance of our existence and yet the enormous importance that this tiny particle of cosmic dust has for the humankind. From my point of view, this idea is overwhelming, and makes me incapable to comprehend that men give so much importance to irrelevant things such as what color your skin is, what religion you profess, or even worse which football team you support. To make the picture worse, people even kill for these reasons. I think that if people took just some fleeting seconds every day to think about the situation we are in the universe, they would probably look back, and for sure, see how stupidly they have been behaving……….shame on us, don’t you think? :D

Write about a photograph you like.
- Who took it
- What it shows
- When it was taken
- Why you like it
- Upload it too
- Include any other information you'd like to mention.

 Word count: at least 140 words.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Post 4: My Favorite Festivity

Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights. It starts on the 25th of the month Kislev (from a lunar calendar), so every year it starts on a different day. It usually coincides with late November or late December on the Gregorian calendar. It has a historical origin which is the liberation of the Jewish Temple after being seized by Syrian-Greek soldiers. A group of rebels known as the Maccabees recovered the Temple and locked themselves in until the invaders were gone. They decided to purify the Temple by burning ritual oil in the Temple’s menorah (which is a special candelabrum) for eight days. The problem was that there was oil left for only one day but they lit the menorah anyway. To their surprise the oil lasted for eight full days. That’s the miracle which is celebrated at Hanukkah. So now, at present time, a special menorah is lit for eight days, one candle on the first night, two on the second, and so on, until eight candles are lit. Even though, this is not a very important religious festivity, I like it because for me it symbolizes hope. Every day we encounter miracles but we just call them coincidence, and you can call me na├»ve but I do believe miracles happen and that’s why when I celebrate Hanukkah I put all my heart and soul doing it and with every prayer I thank G’d for giving me the privilege to light another candle and pray for my family.  

-What your favorite Festivity is
-When it is celebrated
-What the origin of this festivity
-What activities you do for this festivity
-Why you like it

Word Count: 140 words
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Post 3: My Favorite Piece of Technology

This is a very awkward topic for me, basically because I don’t like technology that much. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge its importance in this modern world. Sometimes relying on technology too much makes me feel uncomfortable. There is, though, one piece of technology that I consider extremely useful, and that is my personal computer. It was a gift from my parents because they considered that the old one I had was almost prehistoric. As you can tell by now, I’m not very keen on investing on technology. Anyways, I appreciated the gift a lot. I hadn’t noticed that my old one was that old-fashioned. This new one has been pretty helpful for my work. Besides working reasons, I only use my computer for personal things such as checking my e-mails and storing information. I don’t like the social networks. I don’t have a facebook account and I don't twitt either. I absolutely detest chatting, and that’s because I’m usually working when I’m using my computer. I have no interest in making ‘friends’ unless I can see and talk to the person face to face. If I want to talk to a friend I call that person. If I can’t reach that person I send an e-mail.

- What it is.
- When you got it.
- How you use it.
- How often you use it.
- Why you like it.
- What life would be like without it.

Word Count: 130 words minimum.
Include a picture.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Post 2: My Expectations for the New Semester

Expectations is our first step to make our dreams come true. Having said this I think, in life there are no impossible goals, just things that take longer to achieve. For me, there is no point in having expectations which depend on other people or circumstances. In other words something that is beyond of my control. I'd rather have expectations for what I have decided to get or achieve. When I was  studying at university I always said that I would like to teach in a university, not because of social status but because I thought it was more challenging for me. All my classmates told me that it was an impossible dream, but I kept dreaming and trying and when I least expected it the opportunity came. I like challenges because they keep me wanting for more. I just couldn't live in a comfortable zone where I have no goals to achieve or no circumstances to overcome.

Write about.......
- the subjects you are doing this term
- extracurriculars you are taking
- other activities that you are part of at university
- what you expect from this new academic period

Word Count: 110 words
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