Monday, October 2, 2017

Post 4: My Best Friend

I think there is a very shallow use of the word friend. For me, for example, it is a big thing considering someone my friend, and probably that’s why I usually say I have very few friends. One of them is a friend I met when I was studying at the university. Her name is Yanet. She is some years older than me and she is very wise. She is also an English teacher and we graduated the same year. She has been married to ‘her flaco’ for many years. She’s got three sons, now grown up young men. We have been friends for many years and even though we don’t see each other very often, because we live in different cities, we always try to keep in touch and see what’s going on in each other’s lives. I really appreciate her friendship. She is a really good person and I feel lucky that I have got to meet her. This is the kind of person that makes you think that there is still hope for kindness in this world…….

Now it’s your turn. Write about your best friend.
-Who your best friend is
-Where and when you met him/her
-How long you have been friends
-Why you consider him/her your best friend
-What the best memory you have with him/her is

Word Count: 140 words

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Post 3: My Favorite piece of technology

This is a very awkward topic for me, basically because I don’t like technology that much. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge its importance in this modern world. Sometimes relying on technology too much makes me feel uncomfortable. There is, though, one piece of technology that I consider extremely useful, and that is my personal computer. It was a gift from my parents because they considered that the old one I had was almost prehistoric. As you can tell by now, I’m not very keen on investing on technology. Anyways, I appreciated the gift a lot. I hadn’t noticed that my old one was that old-fashioned. This new one has been pretty helpful for my work. Besides working reasons, I only use my computer for personal things such as checking my e-mails and storing information. I don’t like the social networks. I don’t have a facebook account and I don't have a twitter account either. I absolutely detest chatting, and that’s because I’m usually working when I’m using my computer. I have no interest in making ‘friends’ unless I can see and talk to the person face to face. If I want to talk to a friend I call that person. If I can’t reach that person I send an e-mail.

- What it is.
- When you got it.
- How you use it.
- How often you use it.
- Why you like it.
- What life would be like without it.

Word Count: 130 words minimum.
Include a picture.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Post 2: Why did you choose your career/ study programme?

This could sound funny but it is true. When I was a little girl I used to play with my sister and cousins. We pretended we were at school and most of the time I played as the teacher of the school and made my sister and cousins read short stories and then answer questions about them, or other times I made them memorize a poem or song. It was something so natural for me. One thing I never doubted was my sister’s and cousins’ complete obedience, this considering that I wasn’t the oldest but somehow they thought I was the experience personified. Even though this one was one of my favorite childhood games, I never thought about becoming a teacher in the future when I was a girl. I actually never thought about any career at all. By the time I finished school I had no clue what to do. I was admitted in the physics and chemistry programme in one university (one of my strengths at school) and in the civil construction programme in another. Then I decided not to take any of those chances, I took some time off instead, you know, to find myself.
I started working on my English and then I saw the light, I could become a teacher. That was something I enjoyed doing. I took the test to enter the University again with only one purpose….to enter in the teaching training programme.
Now, being an English teacher, I am the happiest person in the world. Working for a prestigious university makes me even happier – not because of the social status -  but because it is demanding and I have to keep studying all the time, I keep learning new things from my students (psychology, sociology, arts, etc) I only wish the money aspect was better, but then again, no money can give me the satisfaction I get when I see my students learning, that’s priceless. I have never regreted my decision, what can I say? I love what I do.   

Write about:
- your dream jobs when you were a child
- other career options that you had at the moment of applying to university
- what made you decide in the end
- your experience at university until now
- the kind of job you would like to have

Word count: 120 words

Don't forget to leave comments on 2 of your classmates posts and on your teacher's post as well.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Post 1: My Auto Biography

For example:
Hello everyone. This is my first post of the semester. My name is................I am .............years old. I was born in.......................... I am the moment. I studied...............blah blah blah..........

Write a brief autobiography including....
- Birth info
- Studies info (elementary/high school/ univ)
- Family Info
- Hobbies
- Others...

- Word Count: 120 (minimum)

- Make comments on three of your classmates posts

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Some Tips

Useful Connectors

But - pero
Yet – sin embargo
However, - sin embargo
Nevertheless,/Nonetheless, - sin embargo
While / whereas – mientras…
Although/Though - aunque
Despite / in spite of – a pesar de
On the one hand,- por un lado
On the other hand, - por otro lado

So that – así que
Because - porque
Since – ya que
As - como
So as to + verbo infinitivo - para
In order to + verbo infinitivo - para
Because of + sustantivo – a causa de
Due to + sustantivo – debido a

At first /first/ fisrt of all - primero
To begin with – para empezar
At the beginning of – al principio de
in the beginning – al principio
Second / secondly - segundo
Then - luego
Later, - más tarde
After that,/Afterwards, - después,
Before that, - antes,
Eventually / finally - finalmente
In the end, - al final

Adding information:
Besides, - Además
Furthermore, - es más,
In addition, - además,
Moreover, - es más,
What is more, - es más,

Giving examples:
For example, - por ejemplo
For instance, - por ejemplo
Such as – como…
Like – como…

Time clauses:
As soon as… - tan pronto como
When - cuando
By the time - cuando
Suddenly, / All of a sudden, - de repente

In my opinion, - en mi opinión
I agree…- estoy de acuerdo
I disagree…- estoy en desacuerdo
I think - creo
From my point of view, desde mi punto de vista
As far as I’m concern, en mi opinión

To sum up, - en conclusión,
In conclusion, - en conclusión
In summary, - en resumen,
All in all, / on the whole, - en conjunto,

Also, it is very important to remind you that..........
1.-we use  to look for words
2.-the use of google traductor or any other traductor is completely forbidden


Dear Students

Welcome to the Blogging experience in English. I hope you enjoy this exercise. The point is that you develop your writing abilities, increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar and most of all, have fun writing in English