Thursday, October 10, 2019

Post 6: Postgraduate Studies

When I was a university student I always wanted to keep studying. Unfortunately I never had the money to do that. In fact I could barely pay my university fees of the ‘credito universitario’ I had received to get my first university degree. In addition, in those days (a long time ago) getting a scholarship was a matter of having strings to pull or not. If you were just a nobody with no influential friends, your chances were pretty much reduced to zero. My dream was to do a Master in English literature, ever since I can recall, literature was a fascinating subject for me. Having an excellent literature teacher at university made me wanted it even more. I could see myself at Oxford university giving a lecture on some famous writers or books. It probably doesn’t feel interesting for most people but for me, it is totally captivating. My plan was to teach in both Chile and England and probably do some courses in the States……..

Write about a postgraduate course that you would consider taking in the future.

- Reasons to do the course
- Subject(s) you would like to study
- Where you would like to study (Chile or abroad)
- How you would like to study (distance learning, blended system, part-time course, etc)
- Any other relevant ideas

 - Make comments on 3 of your classmates’ posts + a comment on your teacher's post.
- Word Count: 220 words


  1. Do you think to continue studying right now?

  2. I think that is wonderful that we have the possibility to wright books for to join of world

  3. I think that your poject it's amaizng, but I thing it's very exhausting travel everytime to do class in the England.

  4. I love literature too, I recommend you "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran