Monday, November 30, 2015

Post 8: The Best Concert I've seen

What can I say? Every time someone asks me about the concerts I’ve seen, I can’t help remembering Robbie Williams’ concert in October 2006. It was held at Estadio Nacional. 
The funny thing is that I don’t know much about Robbie Williams…….well he’s British….and he was a member of a very famous boy band called ‘Take that’ during the 90’s. I wasn’t a ‘Take that’ fan then, but when Robbie Williams started to sing solo, I thought, ‘hey…., that sounds nice’. I’ve always liked pop music, so probably that’s why I began to enjoy Mr. Williams’ music. I went to his concert with a group of work mates and we had a blast. The guy was a real entertainer. He even had the lyrics of one of his songs displayed on a big screen, so that people, who didn’t know his songs, could sing along. That was thoughtful. But I didn’t need lyrics on a screen to sing along. My friend Consuelo and me had prepared a repertoire of songs we wanted to sing along with our beloved pop star, and so we did. We sang at the top of our lungs. That is a good memory, mostly because my friend Consuelo passed away in 2010 due to a severe cancer. Now, every time I hear on the radio a Robbie Williams’ song I remember my friend Consuelo and the good time we had that day.

What about you? Is there any concert or exhibition you can talk about?
- What was it?
- When did you go?
- Where was it?
- Why did you like it?
- Mention more details about it
- Publish a related picture or video

 - 180 words minimum
- make 3 comments on your classmates’ posts

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